Opinion: Big Tech Is Not The Judge, Jury, And Executioner But They Have Put Themselves In That Position

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Big tech is not the judge, jury, and executioner of Americans, but they have put themselves in that position. Cut the electrical power to the servers and watch how fast their minds change. Instead of policing themselves, they collude with each other to take sides. And get federal subsidies doing it. Is it coincidence that the party they support, is in power?

Progressives in the United States are not paying attention to how we look to the rest of the world. I think they believe they can spin the same tales they’ve been spinning in the US and Europe, and the rest of the world will jump aboard the Joe Biden train. I don’t think it’s that simple.

We’ve LECTURED the world about our democracy and our ‘rights.’ We critiqued other countries about free speech and allowing dissent. Now we violate every one of those principles or at least allow social media and others to violate those principles while doing nothing about it.


It is only a matter of time before this spills into other countries and big tech starts trying to manipulate people’s opinions in other countries besides America. Maybe they have already been doing this, but either way, they need to be stopped, or we will likely end up in a much bigger war than just a civil war in America that is likely coming if we don’t start holding people responsible and accountable on both sides of the political arena for their actions in inciting violence.

Please note that Twitter already interfered in Uganda’s election, criticizing the government for banning its platform. Additionally, it seems the Chinese are proving much more formidable than the Soviet Union ever was. They’ve studied history and seen what works against the U.S., and working hand in hand with Twitter and Facebook is in the top five or importance.

Big tech’s censorship would be marginally less objectionable if they were simply honest about their political motivations rather than sanctimoniously attempting to claim the high ground. Remember Hunter Biden’s emails? First, they banned them because “they came from hackers” (they didn’t, and both Twitter and FB have allowed anti-conservative posts from such sources).

Then they claimed the emails “had private information in them” (they didn’t, and both sites have allowed countless anti-conservative posts containing such information.) Then they claimed the information “wasn’t verified” (It was, and both sites have allowed countless anti-conservative posts that weren’t). Finally, with the election safely over, Twitter and FB stopped manufacturing reasons to keep this information from the American people.


And this issue is NOT whether these platforms are private or not. The United States government had consistently broken up private corporations when it “made a case” of monopoly based on competition or the critical nature of their product to the country.

Big tech giants (which control 90% of social dialogue and informational exchange) are no different from Rockefeller, Comcast, or utility companies ordered to divest.

The sole reason that half of our country has no problem with this censorship is that the entire goal is about censoring the other half of the country with which they disagree and/or disrespect, much like how slave owners didn’t want slaves to be able to read. Essentially, controlling a major portion of the population by usurping first amendment rights is the ultimate goal, and everyone (including FB and Twitter) knows it.

On one side, you have people who are genuinely afraid of the path leading us to. On the other, you have people blinded by hatred who either don’t care about the consequences or believe they are in a supermajority that will never feel the consequences. The year 2020 will be normal after 2021 is finished.

The Left will continue to close more doors until the courts or something else prohibits or forces them to stop. Not only that, they have the Cancel Culture as a backstop, what is American Democracy is anything but a truly free Democracy – it is being held captive and gagged by the Left. Unless those who believe in Free Speech push back and effectively, we will see more avenues of communication closed off.

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Ronald Reagan famously said, “America is a shining city upon a hill whose beacon light guides freedom-loving people everywhere.” The thumb placed on the scale by big tech has dimmed that light considerably. It’s one thing not to like your president another altogether, not to like what makes your country great.

Over the past four years the left’s motto has become: “The ends always justify the means.”. The end here is to silence Trump and the people who support him. Therefore any means to that end is justified such as banning Trump and other users.

When big tech assumes the right to censure, it seems they would become accountable for any content allowed or censored in violation of the totally “unreasonable” content protections they were handed in in the ’90s. Everyone who has been censored seems to be in a good position to sue. Get em. (Yes, I am trying to incite “accountability”).



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