Opinion: Families Profiting From Political Connections Is Illegal As Insider Trading

OPINION | This article contains commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

It’s clear to me now that family members making money from another’s political position makes political parties and differentiation moot. I’m sure George W. Bush has some skeletons, too. We need to impose term limits and laws that prevent family profiting from political office; how is it different from insider trading?

Joe’s son Hunter, and his brother, Frank, have used him as a connection to gaining wealth or privilege, or at least most of Washington DC knows this but turns their heads the other way.


His brother bought land on a tropical island, then quickly applied to have it divided. A Joe Biden business partner bought 1/3 of the Biden property for the full price the Biden’s paid, essentially allowing them to have it for free. If this Biden connection was really in the market for land, why would he pay 300% more for it than the Biden’s?

Hunter Biden has no skills that would make him qualified to be on a corporate board; the man is a womanizing drug addict with no experience. But his connections to his father when Joe was Vice President was what these companies were paying for, and if that got them no connections, they would not keep paying him millions of dollars. The man is a train wreck who can’t even be a sailor in the Navy, but he can make millions of dollars on corporate boards in other countries? Stop pretending he was not selling his father’s influence.

Today, we have two systems of government; those in power and those that aren’t. Dare to change that you will become a target.

This is how the Dems, RINO’s and some establishment Republicans have operated; everyone thought Wall Street wanted Trump but think Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren, and Joe Biden have been treated Wall Street. You know who they favor.

It’s no coincidence they have deep pockets with speaking fees, in-kind donations, and the extent they have favored Globalist agendas; after all, they are more interested in money than the average American. Sure, they will take their money but don’t mess with their schemes, defy trading systems, and definitely don’t get in their way.


Ask yourself if you think you are in control of your 401K, your IRA, or any savings you may have accumulated. Think again, they can create unnatural market volatility, manipulate currency, and drive up the cost of goods and services. Why is your gas returning to higher prices? Why does Biden want to shut down common sense things like pipelines, restrict fossil fuel mining/extraction, when these are job killers…who benefits; why become dependent on foreign energy.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that both political parties are all part of the same swamp, and they drink from the same bowl and eat at the same trough. They just can’t come out and say it because a one-party system goes against Democracy. It’s okay for Vladimir Putin to get 99.5% of the votes because Russia is just open about how corrupt they are, but we can’t do that.

The US still has to hold onto words like “liberty,” “freedom of “fill in the blank,” and “rights” and all the other ones they shove down our throats but don’t mean. We have to be an “example,” or else we’d be hypocritical.

They are all crooked, and we have the power to fix it if you only believe.

Check out this scenario. The Democrats set the election up so that Joe Biden would become ashamed president and he would resign so that unelectable Harris would become the first woman president. She would follow the rules set by those in the power of the Party. Can you see it happening? I can.


I am also sorry to be the bearer of bad news. The Hunter Biden investigation is already squashed, and nothing will happen. Joe was already caught in a video holding U.S. aid to Ukraine unless Ukraine leaders fired a prosecutor who was looking into Hunter – well, as Joe said, “the prosecutor was fired.” This video should have been enough to disqualify Joe from running for President. If he got away with that, Hunter is getting away scot-free too.

For years, Democrats and the media pundits claimed Pres. Trump was making all kinds of money from the government. Less than a week after the 2021 Presidential inauguration, the Bidens are selling the family name. And even after the election, Hunter Biden owned a 10% stake in a Chinese private equity firm as of late December. They love China and China loves taking over the USA.

It gets worse and worse, and the MSM reports none of it. If this were Trump’s family, it would be front-page news for weeks on end. When do you see how Joe has acted during his campaign and since the inauguration as the MSM remains silent? Don’t you wonder what the DOJ/FBI are doing besides arresting Trump supporters from January 6?


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