Opinion: Political Crimes/Cheats/Scandals Continue Because There Is No Meaningful Deterrent

To expect the wheels of justice to turn in today’s America is like spitting into the wind.

It seems our Justice Department, FBI, CIA, NSA, etc., are part of the problem, not the solution, and it seems like they are up to their necks in swamp juice!

If you can’t monitor and ensure the election system’s integrity, your anger and commitment are immaterial.


This 2020 election was a giant middle finger to America by those in control. If you don’t act to prevent their doing it again, their doing precisely will be as certain as night following day. They’re doing it again, right now, in the Georgia “recount.”

If the Supreme Court doesn’t nullify this election, there will never be another fair election in the future. If people don’t go to prison over this, they will be emboldened to do it over and over. There comes the point Citizens need to step up and do things themselves if they want their FREEDOM. We are being challenged how bad we want this cause the Left has punched us in the mouth.

I have long maintained that many brazen crimes, especially political crimes, occur because there is no meaningful deterrent. Those properly “dealt with” do not, or cannot, offend again. Do you believe that the current crop of corrupt Democrats would be boldly gaming the system today to overthrow the duly elected government if Hillary Clinton had been found guilty of the crimes she actually IS guilty of and executed at high noon on national TV for treason?

Politicians that have been in office for 20-45 years have no fear of the voters. To someone like Nancy Pelosi, re-election is just something that breaks up her drinking routine for a short time, and then it’s back to the barstool.

If this stands, the Left will have pulled off the greatest election hijack in history, the culmination of decades of practice and experience. They’ll have learned from this one also — they were a bit clumsy this time — and will be even better at it from here on out. The addition of tens of millions of new government-dependent voters will make their hold on power easier. We’ll have no chance in 2024 unless we win here and now. Elections will become only pro forma affairs.


It won’t matter if one million Republican voters turn out for their candidate; the Democrats will magically turn out one million and one voters for theirs.

If the RINO Republicans who failed to stand with Trump think that they’re going to get 70 million of us to rally around their feckless establishment candidates (i.e., Marco Rubio or Nikki Haley), then they had better think again. Lose this. Lose us.

No, there will be no mid-term republican surge or 2024 change to the Oval Office. The swamp will only grow deeper. It is here and now where we must plant our flag and fight. We either win now or watch this once great nation fade into just another failed socialist heck hole.

When people say or write, “People don’t cheat unless they are about to lose everything, wife, house, job, children,” they miss the part where Democrats cheat because they think it’s for the best.


You have underestimated the power of their self-righteousness, their elitism, their excellent intentions. To them, Donald Trump is an evil bigot; you are a rube, a deplorable, a chump, and a bitter clinger. They are cheating because you don’t know what’s best for you, and someone better educated, more thoughtful, and clearly more moral than you should be making the decisions. Democrat is a name, not a belief- the last thing they want is the feckless inhabitants of flyover country actually voting.

This isn’t going to get solved until the right has some mostly peaceful protests at some Twitter server farm or the NYT. Or at their local Secretary of State’s office. The ballot box is dead. Rules changes, like getting rid of signature verification, amply illustrate that Democrats intend to create a system so susceptible to fraud that there is no need actually to organize it— it simply becomes an organic part of the process.



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