Opinion: The "Frankenstein Monster" Is Loose And Coming For It's Creator; This Won't End Well

OPINION | This article contains commentary which reflects the author’s opinion.

You thought it was going to end with a Joe Biden administration? Boy, were you fooled.

While the National Guard convention convened for a virtual inauguration of Biden’s friends and family, anarchists showed their destructive strength in cities like lead to vandalism of government buildings and at least 20 arrests.

It’s not a joke. Just hours after Biden took the oath, these anarchists marched while demanding the removal of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. At least three people were arrested, and broken windows were reported – including those at Starbucks’ original Pike Place storefront.


Police reports claimed rioters carried stun guns, pepper ball guns, and fireworks while getting into physical confrontations with law enforcement. Some marched carrying signs with phrases including, “We don’t want Biden – we want revenge!” and “We are ungovernable.” Many had to see this coming, right?

Violent radicals from either side win when the media refuses to recognize the severity of what’s going on. Normal people are still reasonable and respectful, even when they disagree with you about politics.  The media has a lot to gain from acting like the nation is about to erupt in violence, so we must all research and learn what’s going on in our neck of the woods so we won’t be surprised.

There was a time when a person’s political beliefs didn’t stop me from being friends or listening to strangers give their opinions. Still, the liberal Democratic left was moved so so very, very far to the left that I can no longer accept people from the left like I once did. There was a time when the majority of the left was what they now call leftists that are central left; that’s how far left they have gone.

If we wanted real news out there, real journalists would report that the riots directly result from the left’s broken down policies. But those voices can’t be heard thanks to Big Tech and liberal media.

If your news diet happens to be CNN or MSNBC only, you don’t even know about these riots. Their websites have almost no mention whatsoever of these riots. They’re focused on Bernie Sanders Memes, how historic Kamala Harris is, and that the Republican party is falling to pieces and blowing up. As far as a CNN user is concerned, the West Coast is a utopia, and Joe Biden should base his leadership on their example.

Does any thinking person on the left honestly think Biden will do anything to quell the violent protests in Democrat-run cities? I didn’t think so. We’re looking at the “new normal,” and it’s going to be this way for a long time. And by “new normal,” I mean, our new leaders couldn’t care less. The “riot problem” is the last thing on their mind – except, of course, when they’re actually encouraging the destructive behavior for some perceived political benefit.


This is not going to end in the foreseeable future. People now realize the quickest and easiest way to get what you want or changes without much or any jail time is to riot, be violent, and destroy property. The old way of compromising is gone; it’s now “my way or else.”

Mobs, not jobs, is now the mantra of the Democratic Party. Gangsters, down through history, have always run governments that believe that social justice should be enforced through governance. The redistribution of wealth is a criminal enterprise where those in charge enrich themselves.

Time for business owners to arm themselves and protect their property and livelihood. The local governments don’t seem to be capable or interested in doing it.

There is no wording in the first amendment for anything other than peaceful assembly. Arrest them, charge them ban them from the property, or do whatever it takes to stop this. It is that simple. Who is stopping this from happening other than liberal lead governments?

The Democratic Party and Biden are only focused on stopping the Republican party to come together and rally. This has been going on for over two years. Not once did you see a democratic or leader condemn the riots and destruction of their cities? Their focus only is how to shut down the Republican rallies. They are trying to work out a way to label Trump supporters As domestic terrorists officially. I am saying this to everyone.

Have you ever notice none of these people loot or riot because they are unemployed and want a job? Ever notice – they don’t loot or riot Apple, Amazon, or Facebook headquarters demanding they open service or call centers in their neighborhoods so they can be gainfully employed? Ever notice the looting and riots revolve around getting free stuff, whether it’s stealing it or demanding some government program that demands they get something for free? Maybe it’s just me.

The US government is not what we have been taught…deep state punished “We the People” for being Trump supporters, now they will continue to put pressure on us until it is illegal to vote for an outsider again.


The Democrats blamed Donald Trump for the riots in Portland and Seattle. Now they ignore them. This is typical liberalism. Deflect, deny and destroy. Pelosi sent her street thugs to undermine and sabotage Trump, now the liquor store looters can’t be controlled. The Democrats said the ANTIFA riots were Trump’s fault for not being more sensitive and didn’t handle them right. Now Biden is ‘handling’ it with increased sensitivity, and the riots continue. One might think the liberals would get tired of being sucker-punched by their own misleaders. The first sucker punch was on the leaders. The next 10,000 is on the followers. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Biden calls for unity on the one hand and then turns around and degrades conservatives. Kind of hard to unite with someone that does that. What he really means is we need to be assimilated. We need to conform to his ways. We need to give up. It seems many of our Republican leaders are doing just that—time for a third, truly conservative party. I won’t vote Democrat/Socialist, and I can’t vote for spineless Republicans. It’s time for a change.



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