Opinion: We Get It! The Supreme Court Justices Were Afraid To Stand Up For Constitution

If I were Pres. Trump, would I attend a Joe Biden inauguration after everything that was done to me over the past three and a half years? A huge probably not.

We get it! The Supreme Court Justices are afraid to stand up and do the right thing and honor their oaths to defend the Constitution because they know how violent Dems are and don’t want to be hunted down and murdered if they stand up and do the right thing! The Constitution is specific that only the state legislatures can make changes to election laws and implement the electoral college. Not the State Governors, State Courts, or State Attorney Generals.


To overturn the Constitution is to rough shod over our republic. If the Supreme Court would have honored their oath to defend the Constitution, we would still be living in a Constitutional Republic, but, since the Supreme Court responded like cowards and failed to honor their oath, they have now transformed our country into a Banana Republic!

That’s the reason Cubans in Florida helped Trump win Florida! It’s because they know what dictatorships look like and they don’t want to see our country turn into one! In fact, USA Today has a good article about it entitled, “Latino voters who fled dictatorships fear election was stolen from President Trump.”

If you want to live in a country where fracking is banned, where the price of gas is $6-7 per gallon as a result, where almost half your paycheck is taxed for inferior gov’t-run healthcare that is rationed, where no one can own a firearm for self-defense, and you live in a Nanny State where you better not step out of line, then, move to Europe! This is the direction the Dems want to move our country towards! They can have their Socialist utopia! Personally, I prefer the freedoms the Constitution offers us.

And oh yes, apparently, Republicans were not concerned about election security when they refused a bill in the Senate in 2019.


The proposed legislation would require campaigns to disclose illegal offers of campaign assistance from foreign governments and would restrict campaign-related communication between candidates and foreign governments. It would also require more transparency in political ads on social media such as Facebook and Twitter.

I know what socialism is. It says this country is so rich that no one should go hungry. It says there’s enough wealth that no one should be homeless. It says everyone should get the best healthcare that’s available. Our country is so rich everyone should get the best education. Sounds good on paper. Trouble is people don’t appreciate things that are just handed to them. Real Americans want to keep the things they work hard for. Why would anyone work any harder if they didn’t get any more than the laziest coworker?


I an skeptical of the results of the General election, and I doubt Biden won fair and square. I believe we as a country must start election reform. I think the Federal elections must be performed uniformly in every state. The biggest keys are:

  1. NO mass mailout of ballots. Let the voters who want to vote by mail ask for their ballots.
  2. Enforce every voter to show a Government issued ID before casting a ballot. Those that disagree with this are just being obstinate. You must have a valid ID to do most everything in this country and voting must be included.
  3. All states have a two-week period where early voting can be done.
  5. In case of a runoff election (like Georgia) only voters who were registered by the general election’s deadline may vote in the runoff.
  6. State results cannot be released, until 100% of the vote is counted.

I never wanted it to go to the Supreme Court because I don’t trust them. It’s great to see “conservative-minded” judges up there but that’s where the rubber meets the road. This thing was warped from the word go and everybody knew it was coming except many Trump supporters.



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