Opinion: Word On The Street Is That AT&T Is Looking To Unload Failing CNN: Now That's Funny!

Fox Business Network senior correspondent Charlie Gasparino dropped a little Friday evening bombshell on Tucker Carlson’s show, claiming that AT&T, which owns CNN, is reportedly billions in debt (est. $150 billion) and are looking unloading the network to settle its debts.


Gasparino told Carlson, “CNN does not have Donald Trump to kick around anymore, and their ratings will take a hit given the current projected presidential election results.

Some claim that Amazon’s Jeff Bezos might be a possible suitor.

CNN blindly engineered its own demise. It morphed from an organization dedicated to providing the news to an organization dedicated to denigrating the President and his supporters.

The network created by billionaire Ted Turner did a lot of damage to the news media in general with their 24/7 Breaking News; it was too much. When Donald Trump got elected, it was always about Trump and always critical and sinister. They take a line old or new, and they would spin it several different times with back up from a bunch of has-beens subject matter experts/ Trump haters. I don’t see a lot of value in a network that is single-minded Trump haters.

I enjoyed watching CNN during their early years, but it became unbearable during the Obama Administration and downright unwatchable after Trump’s 2016 victory. These days I avoid going to the site. There are good some people there who must loathe what the network has become.

Turner was a visionary, but the network has become a nightmare for all time.  I also remember it being the first network to carry any pro baseball teams every game (Ted’s Braves). Ted has said one of his biggest regrets was putting himself in the position of being forced out of his own companies.

I have no intention of going back to watching CNN and other news sources and Late Night TV shows that were constantly bashing Trump. Trump has been in the news 24/7 for five years now. All media outlets are going to take a huge hit without Trump as President. Yesterday I logged on to the Fox News website. There was not one headline concerning Trump. Nothing else to read, so I logged off as quickly as I logged on. The nexus should have pushed for Trump’s re-election. Many of the media outlets and commentators who hated Trump will be out of business or covering the weather in Yakima, WA. They will be irrelevant sooner than they realize.

Human nature seems to require a target for hate and anger. I suspect the Trump haters will greatly miss having Trump as a target for their rage. I don’t think Trump supporters will behave as badly toward Joe Biden as the Trump haters did toward Trump. Let’s see how well Biden performs as president. I suspect the dims will tear themselves apart without any help from the GOP or Trump supporters.

CNN lost all credibility over the past 4 years. To get this back, they will have to remove the bias and get back to reporting news. I think there is a real market out there for a real news channel to report unbiased news. Editorial shows can be left or right or a combination, but it must be balanced.


On a personal note, AT&T took me for few thousand back in about 2001. I tried giving them another chance in 2016 after moving to a new area. None of the phones worked in the area, so they sent me a boost, only to my old address several states away. When I called to ask where the boost was, the person realized the boost would be no good even when it did arrive because I had zero services. So I canceled AT&T, and they charged me several thousand for all the phones plus canceling contracts.

I said I just signed the contracts weeks ago and only because you said my phone would work. They’re all brand new phones; take them back. Oh, we don’t take back used merchandise. It turns out you can’t use AT&T phones in some other companies’ service, so all those worthless AT&T phones sat in a drawer until we found a phone kiosk that gave several hundred less than we paid. Yeah, not sure how AT&T could go bankrupt when they robbed so many AND never provided a service.

Will I care if CNN gets sold? No. Do I care about AT&T’s woes? Nope. I am part of the resistance and times have changed.



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