Opinion: You Have To Wonder Why Pennsylvania Doesn't Want To Do A Manual Recount

Pennsylvania doesn’t want to do a manual recount? Why? The optics of this decision look horrible and won’t help Joe Biden’s claim to legitimacy.

MAGA people will forever think Pennsylvania “cooked the books” for Joe Biden. I don’t think the Pennsylvania Secretary of State has any interest in exposing Philadelphia fraud, being a partisan hack. The Supreme Court will have to intervene eventually. Let’s hope for the sake of “democracy” they make the right decision to block arbitrary and capricious election rules invented on the spur of the moment without any input from the state legislature.


On Friday, a Pennsylvania federal appeals court of three judges have rejected the Trump campaign’s attempts to block more than 9,300 absentee ballots that arrived after Election Day. Their reasoning — due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they faced “vast disruption” and “unprecedented challenges,” and that’s why the extension was upheld.

In October, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that as long as the ballots were postmarked on or before November 3rd, they would be excepted during that extended deadline.

How do Trump supporters feel about the Pennsylvania boogie? Using the excuse of a pandemic has allowed massive voter fraud never before seen. This is a small portion of what happened all over the nation. What we’re seeing is the tip of the iceberg.

For those who say there was no proven voter fraud, explain this. So millions of ballots weren’t mailed out to registered voters without verification of updated accuracy? People did not vote in person only to be told their mail-in vote was already cast unbeknownst to them? No harvesting occurred?

Alleged machine glitches shifting 3,000 Trump votes to Biden didn’t happen in Michigan? Philadelphia didn’t harass and block GOP witnesses from seeing anything? A Georgia district did not say they were stopping counting at 10:30 PM only to restart when GOP witnesses were gone? Postal workers in Pennsylvania were not told by their supervisor to backdate postmarks from Nov 4 to Nov 3? The validity of this election should go all the way to the Supreme Court and be thrown out. Put it to congress and follow the constitution to determine the outcome.

All this extra time to count ballots is nothing but a farce. We all knew election day is the first Tuesday following a Monday in November.


Everyone who decided to go with mail-in ballots could google that and know when they have to be cast. There was plenty of time to do early voting, which is added on election night, or to mail the vote early enough to arrive on time.

If you wait until election day to mail a vote, you can’t blame the USPS if it doesn’t arrive on time: some things are not humanly possible, even with all the high-speed sorting machines in the world to help. So the obvious thing to do, given that COVID issues were still going on, was to PLAN.

Poor planning does not make for an emergency for the rest of the state or country. If you wait until the last minute, that’s your problem, not the rest of the countries. Thus every vote received after election day except genuine absentee ballots should all be discounted.

Democrats filed 300 lawsuits to change the way voting drastically was done over 2016: extend voter deadlines, don’t require IDs, allow mass mailing of ballots, and promote harvesting (collection by 3rd parties.) Mail-in voting and these new “flexible” rules are where this election was lost.


There have been election inspectors for decades, and no state has an accurate registration database. This is a fact. Also, have you noticed the total registered voters in this country and territories is just about 40% of the population, so how can you have 48% of the population voting WITHOUT fraud. These are FACTS.

As Americans, we have asked why are the Democratic State governments and judges against a recount where numerous affidavits have been signed of fraud or violations of election state laws, and it’s fallen on deaf ears.

The most sacred right Americans have is voting. If we fail to confirm and validate this election’s integrity, every election going forward, the results will not be trusted. We urge all to call their state government to validate these ballots with a recount in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Nevada, and Arizona.



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