Over First Three Nights, MSNBC CENSORED 121 Minutes of GOP Convention

MSNBC REALLY doesn’t want to cover the Republican National Convention. Over the first three nights, the liberal cable channel censored 121 minutes of the RNC, constantly dropping out of speeches to “fact check” Republican speakers or assertions. 

In comparison, over the first three nights of the Democratic National Convention, MSNBC COVERED, totally unfiltered, 90 percent of the DNC. Nights 1 through 3 of that convention saw, respectively, 125 out of 132 minutes, 125 out of 143 minutes and 130 minutes out of 145 minutes. 

MSNBC’s coverage for the first three nights has included Joy Reid on Wednesday snapping at new Americans and the White House for featuring a naturalization ceremony during the convention: “He uses those people as props. He used people that would be from the s-hole countries he would not let into this country.” 

MSNBC’s coverage has been included by liberals Brian Williams, Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow and others. As for Republicans? It’s mostly ex-Republicans who hate the President: Michael Steele (who is part of the Lincoln Project, a group dedicated to electing Democrats), Steve Schmidt (also part of the Lincoln Project), David Jolly (who has left the GOP). 

If all of that wasn’t enough, Maddow has repeatedly interrupted to “fact check” the convention. But sometimes she just ended up laughing at it. 



The propaganda on MSNBC was sponsored by ClearChoice

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