Pat Toomey: No Evidence of Significant Voter Fraud in Pennsylvania

In an interview with the Today show on Thursday, Pennsylvania’s Republican senator Pat Toomey said he is not aware of any evidence of significant voter fraud anywhere in the state, and the slow vote count is simply a function of the surge in mail-in voting and Pennsylvania election officials being prohibited from counting those votes until Election Day.

“We had a massive quantity of mail-in ballots,” Toomey said. “Election officials did a tremendous amount of work to be prepared to process this, but they weren’t allowed [by law] to start until Election Day.”

“I saw the president’s speech last night and it was very hard to watch. The president’s allegations of large-scale fraud and theft of the election are just not substantiated. I’m not aware of any significant wrongdoing here,” Toomey added.

Toomey criticized Philadelphia election officials for keeping “observers too far away from the counting to actually observe the counting.”

“But is there any evidence that I’m aware of that there is significant large-scale fraud or malfeasance anywhere in Pennsylvania? Absolutely not,” Toomey said.

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