PayPal Just Got Publicly Humiliated When They Tried to "Go Woke" Over GA Voter Law

Corporations are getting WOKE.


American organizations and companies are making the exact same deadly mistake that sports franchise and Hollywood made…they are injecting politics into their business model.

And they’re doing so, even after watching NBA, NFL, MBA, and Hollywood sink in the ratings.

Americans have tuned them out in droves.

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I don’t know who much louder and more clearly we the people can make it – we DON’T want politics mixed into entertainment or anything we buy.

Period and end of story.

Also, it doesn’t help matters that these wokesters are so hypocritical and clueless.

It only makes matters worse for them.

Take the new “voter ID” outrage for example.

Even though polling shows Americans approve of voter ID, companies and sports franchises are coming in en masse and calling it “racist.”

They make this argument as if minorities are so inept, that they can’t figure out how to show an ID to vote in a country where ID is required literally everywhere.


It’s one of the dumbest arguments ever made.

And the online “money transferring” company PayPal just found out the hard way what a bad idea it is to make this stupid pitch.

PayPal has decided to jump into the political fray and condemn the GA voter integrity bill, that requires ID to vote.

But things took a really bad turn for PayPal when a customer asked them to allow her account to be opened without an ID.

The response from PayPal is hilarious and oh-so-telling.

PayPal advised their customer that unfortunately, an ID is required to open the account, and there’s just no way around it.

Gee, isn’t that interesting???

Ha ha ha!

Check it out:

Here are some of the comments:

“Does that mean that paypal is racist? Should it be boycotted?”

“In order to have PayPal I think you need a bank account and in order to open a bank account you need an ID. And you need an ID for a bank account so the government can monitor your bank account for suspicious activity.”

“why are you being racist you know I don’t have ID. Why can’t I open an account!!!!  “

“PayPal is racist”

“How are black people supposed to sign up for PayPal without an ID, you bunch of racists? You can’t be expecting black people to have an ID. Expecting black people to have an ID is Jim Crow 2.0. I’m disappointed in you PayPal!”

These “woke” companies can’t think critically.


They are so consumed by this progressive/communist disease that they’ve lost the ability to think rationally.

It’s a clown show, and these companies are complete and totally illogical buffoons, and they should be treated as such.


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