Pelosi Actually Puts Her Hand Up to Block Reporter's "Hunter Biden" Question

The Dems are having a massive meltdown…and can you blame them? This is literally one of the worst “political” days they’ve ever had.

The damning information coming out on Joe “The Big Guy” Biden and Hunter today is just jaw-dropping.


And all the Dems can do is deflect and call it a smear.

Yes, it may indeed be smearing your candidate, but it’s all very real, and soon, y0u bums will have no choice but to answer the tough questions.

And you can see in this video clip below how this scandal is getting to the Dems.

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When a reporter asks Pelosi a “Hunter corruption” questin she actually holds her shaky hand up, as if to block it, and then has a mini hissy fit.

You can watch the video below:

The American people will put up with a lot. Honestly, we’re some of the most understanding people.

However, what we won’t tolerate is being lied to and played for fools – two things the Dems are doing to us *as we speak.*


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