Pelosi Declares DACA Illegal Aliens Are “True and Legitimate Heirs” of Founding Fathers

It’s becoming abundantly clear that Pelosi is just spouting out any incoherent thought that pops into her head.

She’s just about as sharp as Biden at this point…


And her latest statement on DACA is really a humdinger.

The Democrats are about to push through a vote that would give amnesty to nearly three million migrants, and during Pelosi’s speech on the House floor, she actually stated that DACA illegal aliens are the “true and legitimate heirs” to the Founding Fathers.

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I mean, what is she smoking?

From Breitbart

This legislation is protecting “dreamers,” and TPS [Temporary Protected Status] and DED [Deferred Enforced Departure] recipients, honors the truth that immigrants are the constant reinvigoration of our country.

When they come here with their hopes and dreams and aspirations, these parents bringing their children, their hopes and dreams and aspirations for a better future for their children, that courage, that determination, those aspirations, are American traits, and they all make America more American, with all of that.

Indeed they are true and legitimate heirs, these dreamers are, of our founders. E Pluribus Unum, from many one, we talk about that all the time.

Pelosi continued to praise illegal migrants while ignoring the dreams and aspirations of Americans, as well as the needs of the 17 million unemployed Americans:

They’re our teachers, they’re our professionals. They’re our CEOs. They’re entrepreneurs, they contribute to our community in every way …

Millions of Americans have come together to organize and mobilize for dreamers: Labor leaders, business community, faith organizations, national security officials, law enforcement, more and more. …

The true VIPs of the moment, are the dreamers and immigrants who have spoken out with great dignity and eloquence, refusing to be forced back into the shadow.

The praise for illegals echoes the progressive view that America is not a homeland for American citizens, but is instead only an idea, or only a “Nation of Immigrants” that is open to any foreigner, regardless of what ordinary Americans prefer. The view is increasingly pushed by wealthy Americans, in part, because it boosts their stock market wealth with additional cheap workers, consumers, and renters.


This is just another globalist slap in the face to millions of Americans.

But does Pelosi care?

Of course not…

She sees these so-called “dreamers” as nothing more than votes she and Dems will use in order to become more powerful.

Here’s a reminder of what President Trump thought a “dreamer” should be:

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