Pelosi Is Taking This Equality Thing Too Far! She Think She's On Same Level As POTUS

Nancy Pelosi a woman full of hate, and she will do anything and everything within her power to get Donald Trump out of office.

I don’t say that lightly; this woman is the epidemy of evil personified. This is turning into a bad movie with terrible actors. The problem is we can’t get up and walk out.

Pelosi is trying to use the 25th amendment in a case such as this doesn’t seem right. It is beyond reasonable at this point and without justification. And for her to even bring it up just as something to consider shows not only how desperate she is but an absence of reasonable common sense. To have her own way, she would waste the time of congress and neglect her actual duties.


Nancy doesn’t know what a constitution is. And, apparently, is also unfamiliar with the US Constitution’s 25th amendment and the explicit provisions under which it is invoked. In other words, she’s clueless. And she’s proudly telling the world, “I don’t know how the 25th amendment works. I don’t know what I’m talking about. But this is the plan.” Not a good look.

Pelosi is the Speaker of the House, and I cringe even saying that. She thinks she is equal in power to the President. Congress, along with the Senate, are, but not one individual. Democrats really need to read the Constitution and follow it as they swore to do at their inauguration. Maybe this is why they always want to change it. Constitution was written to protect our country from individuals like her.

Dems keep talking about the peaceful transition of power after this election. It has been almost 4 years since Trump took office, and they have still not accepted it and are using every method they can think of to invalidate his presidency.

Many Americans are probably asking, who’s paying for this which hunt? Oh, that would be the taxpayers. I have not seen her do one positive thing since Trump’s been in the office except try to get him out; she needs to go.

When powerful financiers own powerful politicians, powerful politicians will resort to the most extreme actions they can to win power back. It isn’t that Pres. Trump has done anything wrong; it isn’t that his presidency is bad; it’s just that he isn’t interested in doing what career politicians always do, bow to the financiers and those who line their pockets.

A better strategy for getting Trump out of office would have been to select a better candidate and put forth a coherent and sellable platform of how they want to make the country better. They couldn’t seem to manage that.


Not only do we need term limits for Congress, but we also need to limit their session length (perhaps no more than four (4) months per year) and provide that they receive only an appropriate salary for that period of time with no other benefits. Make public service in Congress a sacrifice, not a self-enriching career, and elect part-time legislators who will have to come back home to make their living and live by the rules they have imposed.

Let’s also eliminate any protection for government employees, other than established anti-discriminatory protections such as race, sex, religion, etc. Why should federal employees, who work for the taxpayer, receive greater job protections than ordinary Americans?

That will go a long way toward draining the swamp.

I am amazed, Pres. Trump is even running for re-election. The Dems and The Press have been ruthless for four years – and it doesn’t end. I’m also amazed Trump was able to accomplish so much with these ENDLESS ASSAULTS. He truly has a unique fortitude and character. It all comes at the expense of the voters who elected him into office; think how much he could have done without all of these distractions.


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