Pennsylvania Online Google Searches During Debate Spell Absolute Disaster for Dems

Well this could very well be the worst sign EVER for Biden.

According to this screenshot, the trending google searches for Pennsylvania during late night’s debate were “change vote” and “end oil.”


That’s pretty gosh darn damning folks.

Check it out:

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Biden’s Debate “Oil Blunder” Has Come Back to Haunt Him Already

This spells incredibly bad news for Biden, who desperately  needs to win Pennsylvania in order to win the White House.

And the media is already speculating that winning the state is a lost cause:

From Washington Post

But their support is not always trickling down to union members themselves. Local leaders say Biden’s occasionally muddled message on fracking, combined with Trump’s broadsides and suspicion about the Democratic Party’s energy and climate priorities, has created obstacles for the former vice president.

“I would say it’s a 50-50 split in membership of who’s supporting who,” said Keith Thurner, business manager of the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 95, speaking of his Pittsburgh-based branch. “Even though International has endorsed Joe Biden, we have stepped back from that. We let the membership know what the International does. But there’s so many undecideds or folks on either side.”


But in many cases, officials said, union members bring up fracking on their own as they mull their decisions, prompting an urgent push to address their anxieties through one-on-one conversations and other contacts. To many, it’s an argument over who has the backs of blue-collar workers.
“It’s about their jobs, you know?” said Rep. Conor Lamb (D-Pa.), a close Biden ally whose district stretches from suburban Pittsburgh to the Ohio border.
Four years ago, many union members flouted the recommendations of national leaders and voted for Trump over Hillary Clinton, whose comments about coal and energy rubbed them the wrong way. While local officials say they see signs of eroding support for the president in their unions, there remain pockets of enthusiasm for Trump.

This was such an incredibly uncouth and idiotic thing to say during a national debate.

You can bet his team were screaming internally when he made these comments.

If only he had that teleprompter…

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