People Notice Something Very Wrong With Biden's White House "Gingerbread Village" 

I am convinced Biden’s admin is filled with a bunch of sociopaths. Every one of them. That’s the only logical reason they’re so completely and totally tone-deaf. These people must have zero emotions, and that’s why they can’t “feel out” a situation as a normal human being does.


And that’s also why they created a “gingerbread village” honoring front-line workers, while Joe is firing front-line workers for not taking a vaccine that doesn’t even work as promised.

I mean, you can’t make this stuff up, folks. It’s absurd.

Here’s the photo posted by the AP White House reporter, Darlene Superville:

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“Christmas at the White House. The Bidens turned the gingerbread White House into a village this year, honoring frontline workers who helped during the pandemic. A gingerbread warehouse, school, grocery store, post office, fire, police and gas stations, and a hospital were added.”

Also, this probably isn’t the best time to be posting grocery stores and gas stations, since Americans are now feeling a major inflation squeeze and shortages on groceries and supplies, thanks to Biden and Mayor Pete’s supply chain nightmare.

Not to mention baking little police stations, with crime soaring in leftist cities amidst their “Defund the Police” push.

But it’s the vaccine mandates that have put hardworking Americans out of a job, over a vaccine that clearly doesn’t work as advertised, that really has people pissed off.


Trust me, Americans took note and ripped into Joe for this tasteless and heartless display.

“gas station has gas for $6 gal,warehouse is empty, the police station has been defunded, firehouse on a skeleton crew due to mandate, the hospital refuses to admit patients for routine procedures and UFT is trying to close the school”

“Did they include an unemployment office for those same workers if they did not get vaccinated?”

“Is there a runway for Epstein’s Lolita express?”

“So much honoring… and then firing the people he supposedly honors”

“Honoring them by firing them over a vax that doesn’t work. thanks guys”

“They are trying to fire frontline workers who helped during the pandemic but at least there is a gingerbread house in DC “honoring” them.”

“Let them eat gingerbread!!” 

“Isn’t this administration firing front line workers now? Putting mandates in while taking away freedom of choice away from our own bodies?”

“Really going after the important stuff. Can you point in the village where all the unemployed dirty unvaxxers are begging for scraps? They are the ones we called heros last yr, remember?”

“Where are all of the antifa and blm “protestors” trying to burn it all down?”

“Is there a crackhouse for Hunter, as well?”

“Is it to honor those same fronline workers who are getting fired for his bullshit vaccine mandate or nah?”

“Where’s the sign that says gas is 6 bucks a gallon and cheap hamburger meat is 22 bucks?” 

And if that wasn’t bad enough, today, Mayor Pete came out and told Americans who are angry about gas prices, if they had an electric car, they wouldn’t have to worry about gas.

He was also mocked…


I have never seen such a snooty, elitist group of jerks assembled in one place, like this, ever before.


Imagine telling a hard-working family, that’s struggling to make ends meet in Biden’s cruddy economy, that they should go out and buy a 45K dollar electric car.

Just unreal the disconnect these political snobs have with average, hard-working Americans.


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