People Opposing COVID Restrictions and Questioning 2020 Election 

Just when you think America can’t get any more “China-like,” the Biden Department of Homeland Security announces a list of new “terror threats” in the United States as we get closer to the anniversary of 9/11.


I saw this image and literally had to read it 3 or 4 times to comprehend what I was seeing.

How on earth did my country turn into this communist disaster?

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NBC aired a list of new “terror threats” in the United States, and one of them are parents who oppose masking up their kids or anyone against “mandatory vaccines,” and of course, any person who doesn’t believe that the 2020 election was the fairest in all the land.


Take a look at this:

And if you think that’s been photoshopped – like many people did because it’s so outrageous – allow me to show you the video:

Still don’t believe me?

Well, here is the longer version on the Department of Homeland Security’ website.

Here are just some of the things people online are saying about this new list:

“And people still don’t see the similarities between where we are going and Germany.”

“The Psychological War Fare is Astounding…They continue 24/7 to weaponize Covid against us any chance they can.(Winter Is Coming) Remember, Fear Reminds that you still have a pulse…”

“I went from being a Nazi, to a racist, to a white supremacist, to a terrorist… all within 6 months… how cute”

“Guess I’m a domestic terrorist now” 

“It’s Biden’s regime that’s a domestic terrorist threat, not ‘No Mask’ crowd! “

“The real terrorist organization is an illegitimate government that seeks to subjugate the citizens.”

“The dems are out of Their freaking minds! This is not America!”

But yet antifa and blm are not terrorists. What am I missing here?

How did we get to this place?

A place where BLM and ANTIFA are celebrated and average Americans are demonized as terrorists?


I’ll tell you how – because “we the people” decided to elect an outsider, and now, we’re all being punished for that, and reminded, by a very dark regime, that we must never make that mistake again.

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