People Questioning "Suspicious Location" of Capitol Troops After Today's Car Attack 

Today, there was an attack at the Capitol.


It happened on “Good Friday,” but officials were very quick to tell us all that it was not a “terrorist attack.”

A man drove his car through a barricade, hitting officers, and killing one.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] First Footage of Man Who Stormed Capitol Hill Warrior With His Car Just Released

He then got out of his car and was wielding a machete-like knife, and that’s when police shot and killed him.

Sadly, we saw this sort of thing happen a lot when President Trump was in office.

Mental illness is a problem that we just don’t talk about enough in this country.


Nevertheless, the US troops stationed at the Capitol were unleashed into the streets en masse.

It was quite a show of force.

Here is video footage of that scene:

But that scene troubled some journalists, who actually, questioned why the troops were assembled in that fashion all because of one guy in a car. ‘

Moreover, they wondered why the troops “stationed” so far away from where the actual incident took place.

Perhaps they thought they were “under attack?”

Here’s what journalist Raheem Kassam said about the video of the troops:

“This is the dumbest authoritarian shit I’ve ever seen. A singular jalopy hits a barrier and we get 5,000 troops half a mile down the street? T H E A T R E.  You didn’t get this when Al Qaeda was planning attacks in America. You didn’t get it when Islamists hit Parliament in the U.K. It’s a bloody farce.

Btw they’re banking on Americans to not know, but this “deployment” is in basically a different neighborhood. Honestly I have always respected US troops but the ones blindly following orders to be partisan shock troops should feel shame now.”

OANN reporter Jack Posobiec, who lives in DC also verified that the location of the troops was far away from the actual incident.

“I said the same thing, that is blocks away from where the incident took place”

Here are some of the comments from folks online:

“Everything in lockdown… except the white house. Strange, isn’t it??”

“This really gives the Capitol Fence and National Guard a reason to stay there. I bet the Left was looking pretty paranoid before this happened, so this seems like convenient reason to keep it there. Call me a theorist, but it feels like a false flag.”

“Bongino said it could be suicide by cop. Young black man rammed a barrier and got out with a knife.”

“They may as well be made of cardboard. These troops make DC “safe” the same way those cutouts made the Super Bowl “full.””

“Takes me back to April 1995 when the Murrow Building was blown up with the kids inside, April is a bad month for bad to happen.. Sad , prayers for the officer who lost his life , condolences to his family”

As of right now, we don’t know the name of the man who attacked the Capitol and killed a police officer, and we also don’t know his motive for the attack.

I am speculating here, but perhaps the troops and police had some intel that there were other threats in the area, or wanted to play it safe?

Obviously, I’m not privy to what’s happening behind the scenes.


I will agree, though, that the ominous “l0ok” of the troops out in official formation does play into the Dem “domestic terror” narrative that they’ve been feverishly pushing.

Let’s hope that they’re not using our troops in that manner…but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were.


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