Photo of Alleged Jet Blue Male Flight Attendant Wearing a Dress Sparks Customer Outrage

It looks like Jet Blue might be trying to push the envelope on social norms.


The airline company is apparently facing backlash for these photos of alleged male bearded flight attendants wearing a dress.

Conservative pundit John Cardillo says a “source” over at Jet Blue sent him the photo.

Here’s what he said: “Source at @JetBlue just sent this to me. Male flight attendants with stubble in dresses. It’s real and it’s out of control. Apparently passengers are pissed off, and between this and the BLM nonsense at JFK, pilots are ready for a job action.”

Check it out:

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And if you look at the comments, you’ll clearly see that people and customers are not happy.

“Hey @JetBlue – this is disgusting. Absolutely gross.”

“Do they think this will make MORE people want to fly them? To each his own, but not everything should be in a public business setting!”

“Where the hell is Archie Bunker when you need him?”

“To those saying, “I don’t care” or “It doesn’t bother me” … That complacency is how we got here and only opens the door to more and more insanity. American culture is careening down the slippery slope predicted decades ago. What will it take for you to care??”

“A society in decay continues to generate growing problematic and daunting problems for itself.”

“Please tell me this is from the Babylon Bee.”


This country and its morals and standards are going down the tubes fast, and if we don’t wake up and see it, we’ll eventually go past the point of no return.

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