Picture of Joe Biden in Grand Rapids Michigan Goes "Viral" For All the Wrong Reasons

While President Trump recuperates at Walter Reed Hospital, Joe Biden has been carried out of his basement and he’s “hitting” the campaign trail…and by “hitting” I mean, “barely tapping.”


Trump just released a 4-minute video from the hospital, and I gotta say, even with COVID, he still looks stronger than poor Sleepy Joe.

In case you haven’t seen it, here’s that video:

So, while Trump is recovering, Joe is in Michigan…Grand Rapids to be exact…and this picture of him, standing alone in an empty parking lot, wearing his mask, had lit the internet on fire.

Here’s what some people had to say:

“Trump has a bigger crowd outside the hospital.”

“Hey my grandpa escaped from the nursing home again, can some one bring him back.”

“Look at the plywood American flag behind him. It looks like something my kids would have painted in their spare time. They couldn’t put a row of real flags in their stands behind him?”

“This is Joe Biden surrounded by his most loyal followers”

“He thinks the trees behind him are his entourage”

“Alone…with a mask on.”

“You can feel the electricity in the air”

“This man is running to be the leader of the free world?”

“I wonder if he is still waving at nothing?”

“He could’ve done that from a Denny’s parking lot back home.”

“Ain’t there anyone in michigan who wants to hear him?”

“Even the cars left. Pathetic.”

“He seems to stand alone a lot these days.”

“That’s his base right there.”

“That’s taking social distancing way too far.”

“Yes, but in his mind he is inspiring dozens!”

“The cheese stands alone. The cheese stands alone Hi-ho, the derry-o… The cheese stands alone”

“That is truly sad to be alone and not even know it.”

“OMG! where’s crowd control”

Here’s a video from the bizarre event.

This is the strangest campaign I’vee ever seen.

It’s like this shoddy, half-thrown together prom being planed by high school kids.

And nobody on his campaign team seems to understand the importance of “OPTICS.”

This just looks awful, weak, and like a low-budget failure.


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