Podcaster Matt Couch Just Lit a Fire Under MAGA With His Clever Twist On "Sheep/Lion" Battle-Cry

Podcaster Matt Couch tapped into some much-needed “dragon energy” in order to light a blazing fire underneath the butts of every MAGA supporter.


The days following the election have not been easy. It’s been a roller coaster of ups and downs, and MAGA folks, who are used to always winning, have been dealt loss and after loss.

But those losses weren’t well-deserved, which is what makes them even harder to swallow.

We’ve learned the hard and painful way that our country’s judiciary has been radicalized and weaponized the same way the IRS and Intel communities were. Everyone is an “activist” today and the “end” always justify the means.

Just like the right, the left believes we’re a country at “war.” The problem is, the right is always trying to take the high road and play fair, relying on “law and order” and justice, while the left plays dirty, and will do whatever it takes to win. Not to mention that the left is in positions of extreme power, so “justice” and “law and order” are harder and harder to come by.

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At some point conservatives will need to make a decision – stay virtuous and lose, or fight fire with fire and win.

And that seems to be the message from conservative podcaster Matt Couch, who has been fighting tooth and nail for Trump through this election sham since the getgo.

He’s seeing a lot of MAGA getting down and out from taking so many punches lately, but he’s got a powerful message for everyone…and it went viral because it’s true.

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Here’s what he said: “It’s not my job to wake up all of the Sheep…. It’s my job to wake up ALL OF THE OTHER LIONS!”

No matter what happens with this election, we will continue to fight, because we didn’t come this far to surrender. As a matter of fact, if things go south, we’ll need to fight harder and smarter than ever before.

God works in mysterious ways, and we don’t always know his plan, but we know what our goals are, and if we have to switch gears and fight with Trump a “different” way, so be it.


That’s not to say we throw in the towel now – never. But we need to think ahead and be able to switch gears on a dime.

Just remember – MAGA warriors need to be prowling LIONS, on the hunt for prey, not sleeping cubs, curled up in a corner licking on our wounds.


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