Police Just Arrested The Staffer For Oregon's Top Democrat at Violent Portland Riot

When we say the Dems “own” these riots, we’re not joking.

You don’t see any conservative lawmakers or their staff being arrested at riots, do you?

No. Of course not.

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But you can’t say the same for the Dems…because these are their riots.

So much so, that Oregon’s top Dem just saw her legislative director arrested at a violent riot…for obstructing the police.

How peaceful and patriotic, right?

Here’s her mug shot:

From Fox News

The legislative director for the speaker of the House in Portland’s state legislature was arrested during a protest that evolved into a riot Saturday night.

Kristina Narayan, who has worked for Democratic state Rep. Tina Kotek since September 2016, according to her LinkedIn profile, was charged with one count of “Interfering with a Peace Officer.”

“Kristina Narayan was arrested for Interfering with a Police Officer after the event became a riot and the crowd was given multiple orders to disperse, which she did not do,” a spokesperson for the Portland police department told Fox News.

This is what the protest looked like. According to reports, multiple firebombs, mortars, rocks, and other items were hurled at Portland police.

You can watch the video below:

But don’t think for one minute that this staffer will be getting in trouble.

No way.

As a matter of fact, her boss, the Speaker of the House, recently denounced the Portland police in a letter.

So that means, this rioter will probably be getting a promotion and a raise.


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