Politifact Is WRONG Again: Propaganda Outlet Claims ‘thin blue line flag’ is an ‘anti-Black Lives Matter Flag’

Politifact – the Left-leaning propaganda arm of the Poynter Institute is anything but truthful.


By TCP News Staff


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The “thin blue line flag,” is a flag intended to show support for police officers so say the makers of this flag.

“The thin blue line flag is flown to show support for our heroes in law enforcement and serves as a consoling reminder they will always be there to protect us,” the Thin Blue Line USA website notes. “For those who walk it, the thin blue line is a reflection of courage, a pledge of brotherhood and a tribute to those who have fallen in the line of duty.”  (Source)

Since the flag was prominently displayed at a Trump rally in Wisconsin however, the flag automatically represents an anti-Black Lives Matter stance.

Yes Jeff, it is significant.  It’s significant because the flag does exactly what it was intended to do – you know, show support for law enforcement?  Is there a real question here?

Then after this Twitter post Jeff posts this:

Oh – whooops, so there WAS an American flag on display after all.  OK, so someone had the audacity to shoot a photo of the flag that shows support for law enforcement (centered behind the stage), but committed the dastardly deed of leaving the American flag out of the shot.  Wow, now this is a crime and should be a front page news story.

We have ask you Mr. Sharlet, were you born ignorant, or did you have to work at it?

The Leftist Politifact rated a Facebook post that labeled the flag an “anti-Black Lives Matter flag” is “mostly true”.  The Politifact article can be read here.

This is as always much ado about nothing.  The thin blue line flag is pro-police, so what?  Trump is pro-police, again, so what?

Black Lives Matter has made it very clear where they stand.  They are staunchly anti-police, even going so far as to approve of and even encourage violence against police.  Some have even encouraged the killing of police officers.

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The whole concept of Black Lives Matter is flawed and dangerous to begin with.  The fact that they and ANTIFA receive so much support is very telling.  No one should be fired because they say all lives matter, because they do – and yes, that DOES include black lives.

Black Lives Matter, ANTIFA, and the Democrats are all a stain on America.  They are willing to use violence, murder, riots, looting; whatever it takes to get what they want.

There is another name for this:


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