Pool Reporter Overhears Trump Ralleygoes Discussing a Biden Supporter in Line, And What They Said Blows Media Narrative Away

The media has spent the last several years demonizing Trump Supporters. Hillary called us a “basket of deplorables” and Joe has called us “Ugly Chumps” and there’s still a few days to go, so who knows what else he’ll call us by the time this whole thing is all said and done.

The media has made it sound as if Trump supporters have been running around burning buildings and beating Americans senseless, but anyone with common sense knows that’s not the case.


For the most part, Trump supporters are good, God-fearing American patriots, and they’re not interested in destroying the country they love.

On the flip side of that coin, we have the left, who have been throwing a massive hissy fit for 4 years now over the 2016 election – not to mention that a large portion of them hate America and everything we stand for. They also hate the police and the military, and they’ve been trying to burn liberal cities to the ground for months and months now.

Even so, the media tries to paint the right like the “bad guys.” Democrats always do that – they project their own wrongs on others. They accuse everyone else of the things that they’re actually doing wrong.

So, it’s nice when a reporter overhears something and gets a slap in their hypocritical face.

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And that’s precisely what happened during a recent Trump rally

Erin Perrine, who works as part of the Trump communication team, tweeted out a story about a pool report featuring Trump supporters who spotted a Biden supporter in line.

Here’s what she said:

“VP pool report –> One Trump supporter pointed out to others in line that there was a Biden supporter in line. He asked others if they should boo him and others replied no, we want to change his mind.”

If the left was such a good and decent group of people, the media and Dems wouldn’t be spending so much time lying and covering up for them and trying to convince us.

The truth of the matter is this – before Trump, the left had gotten away with putting on this fake facade of  “the loving left.”

After Trump, that fake mask was ripped off, and now we know the truth: liberals are some of the nastiest, most racist, violent people around.

We are righteous in this fight, and we have one more big, big battle to win, and if we all come out and we all vote, we will save this country from a fate worse than death.

Please, whatever you do, don’t sit this one out. We need EVERYONE to vote.

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