Pregnant Australian Woman Arrested in Her Home for Social Media Post on Lockdown Protests

This is truly terrifying.

A video recently published by Australian reporter Rita Panahi shows a pregnant woman in Melbourne being arrested in her own home (and in front of her child) for posting about lockdown protests on social media.

The police also seized all of her devices and computer as well.

The woman proposed that she could just delete the posts instead of being arrested as she had an ultrasound in an hour, but the police proceeded to slap the cuffs on anyway.

Good grief, they’re treating this woman like a domestic terrorist!

Watch the video:

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In a second video, the police started yelling at the weeping woman, threatening to seize every device in the home, including the phone her husband was holding to film this ordeal.

This video should be a serious wakeup call to Americans that we’re not that far from this happening in our country.

If Democrats had their way, this is how any American who dare post anything opposing them on social media would be treated.

These are indeed terrifying times…

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