President Trump battles mild coronavirus symptoms

More than a week after discovering he had the coronavirus, President Trump seems as if he’s going to be okay. Like most people who come down with the disease these days, he experienced mild to moderate symptoms. As he is recovering, he occasionally sounds hoarse or coughs. This, to our friends in the mainstream media, is the stuff of headlines.

Newsweek headline: Trump Coughs Repeatedly in Sean Hannity Fox News Interview. (“Repeatedly” means twice).

CNN: “Coughing Trump tells Hannity he’s healthy and ready to hold rallies.”

Mediaite: “Trump, Who Claims He’s ‘Cured’ from Covid, Is Noticeably Hoarse, Voice Breaks Off Twice During Hannity Phone Interview.” Yes, his voice broke off so he could cough. Ordinarily one doesn’t cough and speak at the same time.

Business Insider: “Trump coughs during his call-in interview on Hannity, but claims he’s feeling ‘really good.’”

The Daily Beast: “Coughing Through Hannity Interview, Trump Says He Wants to Do Saturday Rally.” Through? Twice.

“Trump coughs.” Nice job, media. Do keep us posted every time this happens. Maybe add a running cough tracker to your web sites. We wouldn’t want to miss one. And make sure you ping my phone with a “BREAKING NEWS ALERT” every time.

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