Prioritizing Paid Family Leave: A Policy Discussion

It makes sense to prioritize paid family leave. Because families need help. They did before the pandemic, and they need it even more now. I am not fond of the game of including everything but the kitchen sink in a list of what is pro-life, but the fact of the matter is if we value life, we value helping it flourish. And the family is the most important thing next to life.

Paid family leave also happens to be wildly popular. Consensus issues are few and far between. And yet here you have one.

Usually, during political conventions time, National Review Institute might host some kind of policy conversation. This year, in partnership with The Clapham Group, we’re doing it virtually on paid family leave. I’ll have a conversation with former United States senator Rick Santorum (my Republican primary vote in another year), and then go even deeper into policy with Abby McCloskey (American Enterprise Institute–Brookings Bipartisan Working Group on Paid Leave), Adrienne Schweer (Bipartisan Policy Council), Nadine Maenza (Patriot Voices), and our own Ramesh Ponnuru. I’ve been part of some private conversations with some of these folks over the last year or so, and they are always encouraging and constructive. Please consider joining us on Thursday morning. Details and registration information here.

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