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The National Academies of Sciences has published a Draft Framework for Equitable Allocation of a COVID-19 Vaccine — since there will not be enough vaccine to inoculate everyone when it first is approved — so that the public can comment. I have checked it out, and it seems good. Here is the gist of who will receive priority. From the draft:

Tier 1:

  • Those most essential in sustaining the ongoing COVID-19 response (e.g., frontline health workers, emergency services personnel, and public health workers; vaccine manufacturing and supply chain personnel; COVID-19 diagnostic and immunization teams.)

  • Those at greatest risk of severe illness and death, and their caregivers (e.g., adults > 65 years; others at elevated risk of serious COVID-19 and complications; frontline longterm care providers and healthcare workers providing direct care to patients with high risk conditions).

  • Those most essential to maintaining core societal functions (e.g., workers in frontline public transport, food supply, and schools).

This seems eminently reasonable to me.

Comments on the plan are open until Friday, September 4. If interested, hit this link.

The question of mandatory versus voluntary vaccines is, from what I can tell, not yet addressed. But it may be soon. According to the news release, a future recommendation will (my emphasis):

 . . . include additional chapters addressing issues such as vaccination program administration, evaluation, and assessment (to ensure effectiveness and equity); vaccine hesitancy, demand, and promotion; risk communication and strategies for community engagement; and global considerations.”

I sure hope they don’t recommend trying a vaccine mandate, as some want. That would create one hell of a firestorm.

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