Proud Texan Randy Quaid Has a Bone to Pick With Biden Over His Divisive "Neanderthal" Crack

The so-called “president” who is “unifying” the country, is calling Americans names again.


This time he’s claiming that any American who wants to get back to their normal way of life is now “thinking” like a knuckle-dragging caveman.

Can you feel the love and unity? It’s overflowing, right?

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Joe made the comments in the Oval Office, after hearing that Texas and Mississippi were fully opening their states.

And speaking of “Neanderthals,” Joe sounds like he’s on 18 pounds of prescription drugs in this video clip – slurring and speaking like a doped-up hospital patient.

This is the “leader” of the free world and the guy who got 82+ million votes, folks.



In all honesty, Joe would need several promotions and 12 more “handlers”  to even reach the “Neanderthal” level.

What a negative and awful thing to say.

And one person that was not feeling “unified” over Joe’s nasty name-calling, is pro-Trump actor Randy Quaid, and he has a bone to pick with Sleepy Joe.

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Randy is a proud Texan native, and he wants old confused Joe to know that there’s no part of him that is the least bit “Neanderthal.”

Here’s what Randy said: ‘As a native Texan I am appalled our president has called me a Neanderthal. 23 And Me has verified that I have NO Neanderthal ancestry gene in my genetic code. This is not to say Neanderthal lives don’t matter, just sayin’ a lot of us Texans have grounds for a class action suit.”

I have had COVID.

My daughter, who works for a company that forces everyone to wear masks the entire time they’re at work – caught it – at work.

Her entire office got sick and had to shut down for 2 weeks.

Again, this company forces everyone to wear masks 24/7 in the office. They’re so strict, that they can’t even eat lunch together. Only one person at a time in a small lunchroom that is thoroughly sanitized after every use…and regardless of all that, every single person in that office tested positive — and so did I. So, forgive me if I am a tad leery about the so-called amazing effects of masks. 🙄


Either way, the virus has a 99.8+ survival rate if you’re under 50 and reasonably healthy, and it’s just a tad lower for older folks.

Sadly, COVID preys on sickly and overweight people. I really don’t understand why our government isn’t taking this opportunity to educate Americans on eating healthily to combat this virus and others like it, versus pushing masks. It’s very odd.


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