Psaki: Unvaccinated Americans are the reason for Biden’s failures

On Friday, Jen Psaki was asked about Biden’s falling poll numbers. Americans have seen the failure of this President and his inability to lead our nation with many no doubt having buyers remorse.

So when she was asked about Biden’s falling poll numbers, Psaki did not want to talk about the continued failures in the economy, the continued attempts by the radical left to move us into a socialistic state, or even the fact that our President is more focused on ice cream than Americans.

No, she says that unvaccinated Americans are the reason for Biden’s failures and falling poll numbers. Here’s the video.

The Americans who have chosen to not receive the vaccine have nothing to do with Biden’s falling poll numbers. Even without the COVID pandemic, he would still be a failure of a President. With the COVID pandemic, it becomes even more apparent.

Joe Biden has said that the buck stops with him, but he continues to refuse to accept responsibility for his actions. He and his party continue to attempt to spend America into a debt crisis we will never recover from. All the while, they want to blame unvaccinated Americans and Donald Trump for their failures.

Biden is a complete sham of a President and Americans know it. Yet, we are to believe that over. 80 million people voted for this disaster? I’m not buying it.

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