Public Outrage, and Mass Subscription Cancellations Erupt After Netflix Airs Controversial Movie "Cuties"

Remember a couple of years back when people were saying that the left would begin their quest to normalize pedophilia, and everyone said that was one thing that would never happen?

Well, it’s happening, and Netflix is leading the charge.

The streaming giant, who Barack and Michelle Obama and Susan Rice have partnered with, just released the controversial movie “Cuties,” and it’s far worse than you ever imagined.

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It’s so bad, as a matter of fact, that I just canceled my subscription to Netflix, and I am not the only one,  people are outraged beyond belief and dropping Nextflix left and right.

See for yourself:

“Protect children. Cancel your Netflix. Cancel Disney+. Enough is enough.”

Dammit. I’m pissed off because I’m actually going to cancel my  @netflix subscription over this. I have NEVER been a boycott guy but im not going to fund pieces of shit who will allow that kind of disgusting child porn on their platform. I refuse.”

If you have shares in @netflix you support Child Pornography, there is no other way to call this video. Cancel your @netflix subscription, don’t let them normalize Pedophilia.”

“Cancel your fu**ing Netflix.”

“I watched the Cuties clip. Prior to, I thought, “it can’t be that bad, right?” Wrong. It’s horrible. It’s exploitation of children. It is borderline child pornography. Really horrible stuff. People aren’t being dramatic.”

“”Cuties” just released and it’s WAY worse than anybody expected. Netflix just published soft-core child pornography, and they’ll probably get away with it.”

If you don’t know what “Cuties” is, call yourself lucky, but it’s so vulgar and vile,  that this filth must be exposed, even though it’s hard to watch.

“Cuties,” is an award-winning French film that features young teen dancers. The film is directed by French movie maker Maïmouna Doucouré, and the movie follows 11-year-old Amy who joins an underage female dance group called “The Cuties” at school and has a “coming of age” journey, as she discovers her “feminity.”

Again, the child is 11-years-old.

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Clips from the movie started spreading Wednesday night, and outraged viewers began accusing Netflix of promoting pedophilia and sexualizing children.

What is going on at Netflix?

Check out this odd tweet exchange the Netflix account had with liberal verified account Adam Rippon back in February. Adam is a Trump-hating figure skater.

Netflix sounds like absolute degenerates.

Below is a very detailed thread that breaks down this vile movie. I know this is uncomfortable to watch, but we have to look this evil square in the eye and put it. on blast.

Too often in the past, we’ve turned a blind eye to the depravity on the left, and then, when we finally decide to fight, it’s too late.

Not this time.

Please, if you have a Netflix account, now is the time to make a small personal sacrifice and stand up for kids and cancel it.


This film is so bad, and such blatant child pornography, that the country of Turkey has banned it.

Also, you can sign this petition calling for this filth to be removed from the airwaves.

Sign the petition here.


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