Pummeled Free Speech Organizer Asks Joe Biden "Is ANTIFA Just An Idea?" [VIDEO]

On Saturday evening in San Francisco, a conservative group called Team Save America held an event to protest big techs media companies such as Twitter and Facebook.

The plan was to rally at the United Nations Plaza and then make their way to Twitter headquarters, not far away. That’s where the plans changed. Over a hundred ANTIFA counterprotesters appeared, berating and physically attacking the group.


American people are now witnessing the Democrats’ desperation to win this election to the point of inflicting physical harm to whoever opposes their ideology!

This is an inhumane act of violence and should not be tolerated! No wonder more and more people are voting for our great President of LAW AND ORDER!

To all of you who wish to stop someone from assembling peacefully, please dial this back before it spirals out of control. This was completely unnecessary. For anyone who thinks violence is the answer and wants to start a revolutionary war, please read some history about civil wars and the outcomes. They never end well for anyone. Most people to date have held their tempers and tried to be reasonable. Doing violence toward people and assuming they will not eventually respond in kind is naive, to say the least. Wars don’t fix things; they just grind down societies until everyone eventually negotiates an outcome that satisfies no one. It’s an unfortunate condition of humankind that causes us to decide to kill each other for some political outcome.

Over and over, we have seen the media ask the President to denounce White Supremacy, which he has done repeatedly, or bring up some fringe group that most Americans, and even the President, don’t know much about. Meanwhile, no questions to Mr. Biden on the violent tactics of ANTIFA and the Black Lives Matter organization’s elements.

No questions on why he did not condemn the violence until after the Convention. Even now, Joe refuses to call out both BLM and Antifa, which are multi-corporation, big businesses, heavily associated with and support the anti-American values of the Democratic Party.

For example, arguing whether Black Lives or All Lives Matter is meaningless and distracts us from what it is trying to achieve. This isn’t about civil rights: It is a left-wing political movement that will significantly impact the Democratic Party programs for the foreseeable future. Socialism and Communism are intimately linked to these efforts while the US Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights have no place in their plans.


It’s becoming more and more likely that this whole thing will erupt into a hot civil war. People will only put up with this nonsense for so long before they start doing whatever they need to protect and defend themselves and their neighbors. I fear that we may get to that point sooner than people think.

If you look at issues that people consider like free speech, the second amendment, taxes, immigration, abortion, education, and whatever else you can think of, none of it means much without law and order. Without that foundation, you can’t really implement any of the rest of the issues people care about on either side.

We can criticize all we want, but we’re in a situation where a political group, silently approved by a major political party, is openly willing to use violence to suppress any political opposition. If they keep escalating with no legal consequences, people will have to start asking what they’re willing to do to have rights.

One of these days. one of these days, these people will attack the wrong people. When they do, the results will be incredibly unpleasant. Incredibly unpleasant is a mild understand. The police should be handling these things, but they are not. Consequently, “someone” will step in to fill the void.


This is why you can’t believe the fake polls. Trump supporters are attacked everywhere in an attempt to discourage them from voting. But fear not, the election will be a landslide for Donald J. Trump, re-elected for another four years. The silent ones will speak loudly.

So if you are voting for Biden or any Democrats down-ballot, you should consider this. They are AFRAID to say no to the hard left, so that is what you’ll be getting.

Trump and a full republican ticket is the only logical choice this time around; save your other issues for the next go around. Law and order 2020 period.




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