Rapper DMX's 15 Children Show up to Hospital to Say Final "Goodbyes" To Their Dad

There were a lot of confusing and conflicting reports on Rapper DMX’s condition when he was first hospitalized.


We now know that DMX is in a “vegetative state” and he’s on life support. We also know that he was clinically dead for 30 minutes before the first responders revived him.

He actually had to be revived three times.

We also know that he suffered a heart attack as a result of the drug overdose.

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Now, DMX’s children have come to his hospital bedside in New York to say their final goodbyes.

It would appear that hospital officials are keeping him on life support so the family can say their goodbyes.

From New York Post 

DMX could give the Duggar family a run for their money.

The Yonkers-born rapper, who remains in the ICU in a “vegetative state” after a drug overdose, is now surrounded by many of his children — some of whom were spotted at a mass vigil outside the hospital — as they say their “final goodbye” to their dad. But with COVID-19 restrictions in place at the White Plains medical center, only one child can see their ailing father at a time, reports the Daily Mail.

That means it could take up to 15 visits for him to see all of his kids.

The “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons, has not only been prolific in the rap game, but also in the offspring game — counting 15 children as the “flesh of his flesh.”

The 50-year-old told GQ he even has a Bible verse about being a procreator tattooed on his neck. “Exodus 1:7,” he said in 2019. “It says, ‘Be fruitful and multiply and your children will inherit the world.’”

That verse also inspired the name for his youngest child with his longtime partner, Desiree Lindstrom. Their son Exodus was born in 2016, but details about his other kids are somewhat scant. That same year, “X,” as fans call him, confirmed to “The Breakfast Club” that he has 15 children with nine different women in total. At the time, he was unsure if all of his offspring had ever met.

“Some of them have met others. I ain’t a total piece of s–t,” he told the radio show. “I ain’t have kids in the same county. Yeah, I slipped up. I got a few in New York; I got a few in Cali.”

When asked how he “picks” whom he wants to “breed with,” DMX, who claims to be a deacon, said: “I’m just like a dog. I sniff the ass, I wag my tail.”


Back in 2013, DMX actually had to file bankruptcy because he couldn’t pay the $1.3 million in child support he owed.




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