Rapper Travis Scott and His Astroworld Festival Take Biggest Blow Yet — We Now Know What Caused the Mayhem

The hits keep coming for controversial rapper Travis Scott, after nine people died at his Astroworld festival in Houston, Texas. The rapper is accused of being “negligent” for continuing to perform as people were dying in the audience.


Supporters of Travis say that there was no way for him to know that anything “bad” was happening in the massive audience. But critics say there’s no way he couldn’t have known, and also point to past incidents where Mr. Scott actually encouraged and glorified violence at his shows.

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It’s horrific that nine people lost their lives, their families will never be the same, not to mention all the people injured. And while the PR has been a nightmare for Mr. Scott, what just happened could be the end of him, financially.

A whopping 280 people just filed suit against Travis Scott, rapper Drake, Live Nation, and other entities and people involved in the Astroworld festival, to the tune of $2 billion in damages.

And now, thanks to this lawsuit we officially know how these people were injured and killed: They were crushed and trampled.

For a while, there were rumors about some crazy man with a needle injecting people with drugs. But that appears to be untrue, as this lawsuit states a “crowd surge” was to blame, and that’s all on Travis and his cohorts.

Fox News reported that Texas attorney Thomas J. Henry filed a massive lawsuit on Thursday on behalf of 280 victims of the Astroworld Festival, which left 10 people dead and injured hundreds more.

The civil lawsuit was filed by Henry’s law firm on Thursday in Harris County, Texas and seeks up to $2 billion in damages. The defendants include rappers Travis Scott and Drake, Live Nation, NRG Stadium, Apple Inc., Scott’s Cactus Jack record label, and more.

According to Henry, another 120 victims have contacted his firm seeking representation for damages caused by attending the concert. The lawsuit, obtained by Fox News, refers to Interworld as “one of the deadliest crowd-control disasters at a concert in the United States.”


On behalf of 280 plaintiffs, Henry claims that the reported crowd surge, which caused many in the crowd to be “trampled, trapped and crushed,” could have been prevented. The lawsuit accuses the defendants of gross negligence.

The suit also accuses Astroworld of “cutting corners” when it came to security for the massive crowd.

The people suing are claiming pain and suffering, medical bills, disfigurement, and loss of earnings.

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