Readers Support Margaret Thatcher Credit in Productivity App

Many thanks to those of you — nearly 600 as of this writing — who have written against erasing Margaret Thatcher from the public record. We have heard from a lot of women who especially admired Thatcher as a role model, and from everyone from professors to grocers to former Thatcher staffers. There were a few calls for boycotts, which I discourage, but the response was mostly positive and polite — well done, my friends.

Here’s a note that might be of some interest:

 I’m center-left and am no real fan of Thatcher — but add my name to your list.  Deleting the attribution of that quote is the literary equivalent of Stalin’s deleting people from photographs, full stop.

There are a few — too few — liberals around worth the name.

This little story put me in mind of other stories like it. Jay Nordlinger has written about the “little suppressors” of the nation’s bookstores. I’d like to hear from those of you who have had similar experiences. Leave your stories in the comments.

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