Red-Pilled Megyn Kelly Just Decided to Take On The Disgraced Cuomo Brothers

If you would have told me 4 years ago that Megyn Kelly would end up being a staunch crusader for the right, I’d have laughed in your face.


But, here we are…

I honestly think Megyn has gone on a very humbling journey and she’s learned a lot and dealt with a lot of “cancel culture” herself – not to mention leftist schools trying to “program” her kids.

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And based on all of her personal experiences, I think Megyn was legitimately “red-pilled,” and I like her. I actually always liked her, until that stupid Republican primary debate…so it’s good to have her back, and fighting for us – it’s good to have her on our side. ‘

And speaking of  “our side,” Megyn is taking aim at the dastardly Cuomo brothers – namely liar and weasel Chis Cuomo, who is doing his best to try and ignore his disgusting brother’s scandals – and what’s worse is that he’s making himself out to be some “righteous” guy for not covering the #MeToo and the “nursing home” serial killing scandals that his brother is involved with.

Well, that didn’t fly with Megyn.

During his show lasts night, Chris claimed that he knows what’s going on with his brother, but because it’s “his brother” he’s not allowed to talk about it.

Huh? What?

Did Chris forget about this “vaudeville-like” cringe-fest that CNN aired night after night while Americans were dying in nursing homes?


Wasn’t Andrew Cuomo his brother during COVID and the giant Q-tip shows?

So, let’s get this straight – Chris can cover his brother on his CNN show as long as it’s not “bad stuff?”

Is that how this laughable sham works now?

That’s what Megyn Kelly is asking right now.


Here’s what Megyn said: “Chris Cuomo says he can’t cover accusations vs Andrew Cuomo, ‘bc he is my brother.’ Q for Cuomo (& for Brian Stelter, who is selectively interested in media ethics): Why did this logic not obtain during the pandemic? Was Andrew not Chris’s brother then?”

This is just another “duck and run” move by another lying hypocrite. And not only was Chris a liar but while his brother was killing grandma and grandpas by the thousands, he and his brother were laughing their butts off on national TV.

Chris helped his evil brother thrive by creating this phony persona of “hilarious good times” while unthinkable horrors were going on.

He has a lot to answer for, and this “Oh, golly gee, I can’t talk about it” nonsense isn’t gonna fly.

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