Report: Baltimore AG Announces City Won't Prosecute Prostitution or Drug Possession After Successful Experiment

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On Friday, Maryland State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced Baltimore would no longer prosecute low-level crimes such as prostitution, minor traffic violations, and drug possession following an experiment conducted over a year.

That experiment encompassed refusing to prosecute these crimes to keep COVID-19 from spreading among the prison population.

So, if the laws are not enforced, why have them on the books? If they choose who will be prosecuted for crimes, is that not a disservice to justice and the people not committing crimes? If they are not going to prosecute, have the state legislature strike the law from the books and see how well that works out for you.


Breitbart News reports:

Baltimore will no longer prosecute certain low-level crimes, which include prostitution, drug possession, and minor traffic offenses, State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby said Friday.

“The move was unveiled in a press release from Mosby’s office as it reported ‘one-year success’ of policies implemented last March to not prosecute the nonviolent charges amid the coronavirus pandemic,” the Hill reported.

According to the release, the policies enacted in 2020 “have resulted in a decrease in arrests, no adverse impact on the crime rate, and address the systemic inequity of mass incarceration,” thus the state’s attorney announced the “permanent adoption” of the policies.


Mosby’s office had this to say about her decision, “Today, America’s war on drug users is over in the city of Baltimore. We leave behind the era of tough-on-crime prosecution, and zero-tolerance policing and no longer default to the status quo to criminalize mostly people of color for addiction. We will develop sustainable solutions and allow our public health partners to do their part to address mental health and substance use disorder.”

I must be missing something here. Why wouldn’t the crime rate go down if you stopped prosecuting several crimes? The question is: are those crimes still taking place, and perhaps even increasing, though they aren’t being prosecuted?

Picking and choosing which crimes to prosecute won’t end well for anyone except the criminals. The separation of powers doesn’t appear to be followed anymore. There will be lawsuits because some people will have charges filed against them while others won’t, and the city will have to justify why they did what they did and will likely pay out a lot of money for discrimination.

Crimes rates have already skyrocketed almost everywhere, and I’m willing to bet that they have in Baltimore too, but if the police don’t take a report, then it won’t show up in their statistics.

Many have seen ideas like this blow up in the face of the legislators. When word gets around, certain crimes are not being prosecuted. It only ballons.

Dems made their reforms just in time for the sex shops serviced by underage emigrants to open their doors. The only crime your likely to be arrested for in Baltimore is being White or being a Black conservative. Rape, murder, riot, those are just cultural issues. They do not need to defund the police. Baltimore no longer has any laws to enforce. It’s the Biden Woke Bonanza for organized crime. No one should give Baltimore one more penny of taxpayer’s money until they restore law and order.


This if nothing is a crime, there is no crime philosophy seems a little whacky to me. It is Baltimore, however, long and storied history of corruption at the highest levels, really starting with Nancy Pelosi’s father and brother as mayors being on the take from organized crime.

Do you want to know what D.C. statehood would look like? Imagine a place where the worst aspects of Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore, and New York are combined and compounded.


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