Report: Republican Nancy Mace Gets Called Out By AOC Over Barricade Details; This Is Getting Ugly!

Republican Nancy Mace threw herself into the Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez argument. Many are questioning the New York lawmaker’s accounts of her location during the January 6th riots when Trump supporters and Qanon, Proud Boys, and ANTIFA were all caught inside the Capitol Building.

Many Trump supporters have been arrested and charged already, while 10 Proud Boys have been alleged to have been arrested included co-leader Joe Biggs.

On Friday, Mace went on Newsmax to clear up any misinformation that she had lied about being barricaded after telling her supporters. If you don’t know who Nancy Mace is, she blamed Pres. Trump for his rhetoric during the January 6th Capitol Hill riots.

This is from today:

Mace’s appearance on Newsmax was meant to start damage control over her accounts of what happened that day.

Here’s a tweet that Mace put out that backs up AOC to a smaller extent.

Mace also claims she was afraid for her life because she felt Trump supporters were looking for her after deciding against objecting to the electoral votes from states that had fraud issues.

Here’s a tweet where Mace was trying to embarrass the Democratic lawmaker, but it turns out the anti-Trumper was caught in the wrong place. If she was two doors down from AOC and no insurrectionists stormed the hallway, why evacuate?

In the video below, Mace claims Pres. Trump needs to face accountability for his actions.

I don’t trust Nancy and her rhetoric. Who’s account do you believe at this point?



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