Reporter Actually Did Some Digging and Uncovered a Big Surprise About Capitol Hill's "Viking Man"

The man who everyone has come to know as “Viking Man,” quickly became the face of the Capitol Hill riots.


You saw his face everywhere – painted red, white, and blue, and wearing a Viking horn/coonskin cap. He’s definitely a character – but is he a “MAGA” character is the question now.

…and if these new reports are correct, he most certainly is not.

Jake Angeli actually appears to be a radical climate change nut.

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The media reported that Jake was a “Q” conspiracy theorist, but it always seemed strange, since he was always photographed at leftist protests. The media painted it as if this “Q” guy was attending these events in protest.

But a new report contradicts that media theory.

It looks like Angeli is a “regular” protester at radical climate change rallies…and Green New Deal rallies.

So, calling him “MAGA” doesn’t add up, since MAGA people are not active in climate change circles and certainly do not support the goofy green new deal.

From The National Pulse

Jake Angeli – recently charged with “violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds” by the Department of Justice – has previously participated in climate change protests despite the mainstream media depicting him as a fervent Trump supporter.
AZCentral described Angeli as one of “hundreds march[ing] in Arizona in solidarity with climate strikes around the world” in September of 2019. The article’s collection of pictures contains a total of three actions shots of Angeli protesting the issue captured by two separate photographers.

The images of Angeli passionate participation in the protest are accompanied by the following captions, which describe him “leading the crowd in a yell” and “demanding action on climate change”:

Jake Angeli, shamanic practitioner, leads the crowd in a yell before the march in solidarity with climate activism groups across the country to the Arizona State Capitol Building Friday, September 20, 2019.

Jake Angeli marches from the Maricopa County Courthouse to the Arizona State Capitol on Friday, September 20, 2019, to demand action on climate change.

The piece goes on to say that the demonstrations Angeli participated in were part of the Greta Thunberg-linked climate change campaign, where “millions of youths around the world” protested to encourage governments to “do more to combat climate change — and do it faster.”

A strike organizer outlined the effort’s goals in a CNN op-ed, virtually indistinguishable from those of far-left Democrats such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes.


On Friday, we’re striking for a Green New Deal; for the immediate cessation of fossil-fuel projects on sovereign indigenous land; for environmental justice; for the protection and restoration of nature; and for sustainable agriculture.

“It’s time to panic, and it’s time to fight,” the op-ed adds.

Sorry, but I don’t know a single MAGA person who supports goofy climate change or the Green New Deal, not one single person.



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