Reporter, Husband, Father of an 11-Mo-Old Baby Who's Stuck in Afghanistan, Begs For Prayers 

Joe Biden is the most inept buffoon to ever occupy the White House.


This man has oatmeal for brains, and it shows.

The irresponsible way that he pulled out of Afghanistan has the whole world completely baffled.

And the doddering old fool won’t accept responsibility for what he did. Instead, he claims he did the right thing, and it’s the fault of Trump and the Afghan Army.

Can you believe this man?

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Yes, we had to leave Afghanistan. It was time.

But we didn’t have to go and cause a massive humanitarian crisis in the process, by leaving our people trapped, not securing our military weapons, and also leaving all the people who helped us to fend for themselves.

It’s disgusting beyond words and the biggest foreign policy blunder in recent memory.


And now, one of those people who are stuck there – a combat reporter who goes by the name “Mustafa 47” is begging for prayers.

He is stuck in Afghanistan with his wife and his 11-month-old baby…and he says it’s “hopeless.”

Here’s what Mustafa 47 said: “I’m hopelessly stuck in Kabul with my wife and child. Like myself, hundreds of other journalists are also stuck here. I have an 11—months old daughter. Please pray for her safety.”

He doesn’t want prayers for himself, just for his daughter.

Please, I ask you all, take a moment to pray for this man’s daughter, and also for him and his wife.

And there are so many more people like him right now, who are trapped in a country that’s literally imploding.


Right now, prayers are all these people have to cling to; as Joe goes back to Camp David to take another nap.

It didn’t have to be this way, and Joe Biden should resign, or be impeached for this.

He is not fit to serve.


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