Reporter Paul Joseph Watson Shares Shocking “Real Reason” Matt Drudge Turned on Trump, and It’s Unbelievably Petty....

Well it appears that the mystery on why Matt Drudge suddenly jumped ship and turned on Trump has finally been solved.

And it’s just as ridiculous as you could imagine.


According to conservative reporter and pundit Paul Joseph Watson, Drudge apparently turned his back on our president due to his petty, “teenage girl” mentality of being “rejected” by Trump.

What a moron.

Matt Drudge’s vendetta against Trump was motivated by his inauthentic teenage bitch reaction about being “rejected,” not by any overriding moral principle. So fuck Drudge.

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Watson then called Drudge out some more, egging him on to respond, which thus far he has not.

And this guy, who I met and got along with years ago has no fucking response. @DRUDGE do you? Coward.

What pathetic, sad little man.

It’s incredible that simply not being praised daily by Trump forced him to literally drop parties and turn on a movement he’s been apart of for years.

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