"Reporters" Run Like Excited Kids in a Candy Store to Watch Biden's "Fireworks" Display in Wilmington, Delaware

What more can we say about how useless our fake news media is?

They’re lapdogs for the left. The mainstream media is a SuprPAC for the Democrats. We see it every single day with so-called reporters on CNN and MSNBC, and yes, even many on Fox News.

The news industry is a lot like other entertainment industries – it’s filled with liberals. People are always surprised to find out that full-blown liberals work at Fox News. They definitely do – they’re just hiding their true feelings, but if you pay close enough attention you can spot the passive-aggressive liberalism.

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But most of these clodhoppers are openly in the tank for the Dems.

Like this group here.

These “reporters” or “activists” as they’re more commonly known, were covering Biden’s pre-recorded DNC acceptance speech, when they got word that his “fireworks” event was taking place and if they wanted to see it, they’d have to hurry.

What happens next looks like a cat-lady stampede.

You can watch the video below:

These aren’t “reporters.” Nobody asks Joe important questions that actually matter to the American people.

Nobody puts him in the “hot seat.”

These are advocates, who are actively campaigning for Biden, and thrilled to watch his fireworks display because this isn’t covering news, it’s participating in a campaign event.

Our media is disgusting. It’s a propaganda machine that makes North Korea look like “real news.”


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