Republican Convention: McCloskeys Claim Democrats Want to Abolish Suburbs

Patricia and Mark McCloskey of St. Louis, Mo., speak by video feed during the 2020 Republican National Convention broadcast from Washington, D.C., August 24, 2020. (2020 Republican National Convention/Handout via Reuters)

Mark and Patricia McCloskey, residents of St. Louis, Mo., who brandished firearms at Black Lives Matter protesters who had trespassed in their gated community, warned that Democrats want to abolish suburbs in their speech to the Republican National Convention.

Democrats “want to abolish the suburbs altogether by ending single-family home zoning” Patricia McCloskey said. “This forced rezoning would bring crime, lawlessness, and low-quality apartments into now-thriving suburban neighborhoods.”

She then suggested that if Joe Biden is elected, “These are the policies that are coming to a neighborhood near you. So make no mistake: no matter where you live, your family will not be safe in the radical Democrats’ America.”

“President Trump will defend the God-given right of every American to protect their homes and their families,” Mark McCloskey added.

The McCloskeys were charged by St. Louis attorney general Kim Gardner with felony unlawful use of a weapon after brandishing their firearms on their lawn, with demonstrators passing by their house. Republicans have condemned the charges, and Missouri governor Mike Parson has vowed to pardon the couple if they are convicted.

Trump has made retaining single-family housing a campaign issue. In late July, Trump ordered the repeal of an Obama-era regulation known as the Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing rule, which required local governments to prove that no federal funds reach housing developments that implement zoning laws considered discriminatory against minorities.

Without the AFFH, local governments have more leeway to determine their own fair housing practices. Opponents of the move said the repeal of AFFH would allow for more segregation and discriminatory practices against minorities.

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