Republican National Convention: The First Night

A couple of observations:

—I think Republicans would be better off having some discernible theme for each night, e.g., one night is largely devoted to under-appreciated Trump accomplishments (right-to-try, VA reform, hostage releases, etc.), another to ordinary people’s testimonials, another to why people should be scared of Biden, and the final night to a second-term agenda. Or something to that effect. Last night was a bit of a mish-mash.

—I liked the segment of Trump with the workers. If I were the convention organizer ,I would have doubled down on that — say, have a video of Trump at a construction site walking it through with the workers, explaining all the hard work and precision that go into putting up a building.

—There was some pushback on the COVID critique of Trump last night, but it should be more sustained. In my view, there should be someone explaining in detail what the response has been, from ventilators, to PPE, to testing, and how the administration has worked to supply and back up the states. Just repeating over and over that Trump cut off travel from China isn’t good enough.

—All that said, there were some pungent, moving moments from non-politicians last night, and Nikki Haley was good and Tim Scott was great.

We’ll see what the next couple of nights bring and how it affects the race, if at all. Trump really needs to move the needle this week.

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