Republican Sen. David Perdue is ‘Incredibly racist’ Because….He Mispronounced – Kamala Harris

By Greg Holt


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Letter from General Flynn. 

Mispronounce someones name, and you are a racist and should be voted out of the Senate. Seriously???


Republican Sen. David Perdue spoke at President Trump’s campaign rally in Georgia, and apparently committed the gravest sacrilege possible.  And what did the Senator do?  Why he mispronounced Kamala Harris’s name.

This is how ridiculous and asinine the Leftist politicians have become.  These people are quite obviously not playing with a full deck.

I have written two articles recently on the revelations about Joe Biden and Hunter Biden‘s corruption, and another on how the media is little more than the Biden’s stooges.  There is evidence of breathtakingly serious corruption – and the incompetent mainstream media is covering the mispronunciation of Mrs. Harris name?

For real?

CBS News proudly devoted an entire story to this none news story.

The Democrats with the support of the media, along with their allies in social media continue to demonstrate each day how irrelevant and completely inconsequential they really are.  If anything in this writer’s opinion, these people of supposed intelligence and intellect are simply guaranteeing that the voters see them as illegitimate contenders that are not to be trusted.

In other words, they are basically handing Trump the election on a silver platter.

What do others think?



And last – I will leave you with this profound thought:

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