"Republican" Trump-Hater Joe Walsh Threatens to Become a "Democrat" in Hilarious Tweet That Backfires in His Face

There’s nothing better than watching so-called “Republican” Trump-haters get pummeled online. I’d call Joe Walsh a #NeverTrumper, but he was slobbering all over Trump back in 2016. His entire Twitter account was dedicated to getting President Trump elected and he also supported him while he was in office… for a short time, anyway. I can’t recall exactly why he turned on President Trump, not that it really matters, but I remember he started going on CNN a lot around that time, so I am guessing he “switched sides” for money. But yeah, back in the day, Walsh was ready to grab his musket for Trump and freedom.


Now, however, Joe Walsh is just another unemployed Trump-hater with Stage 5 TDS.

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Walsh recently lost his radio gig after everyone stopped listening to what he had to say, and now, the frustrated unemployed Walsh is considering changing over to a “Democrat” so he can “teach” the entire party how to win against Republicans.

Probably a good time to remind you that Joe Walsh ran an embarrassingly low-energy and wildly unpopular primary-run against President Trump back in 2019.


So, Joe took to Twitter where he tested the waters about becoming a Dem and saving the day, and much like everything else in Joe’s life, things really did not go very well for him.

Here’s what Joe said in his flop tweet: “As someone who used to actively practice in all this culture war stuff and understands it intimately, I think maybe I’ll become a Democrat to help Democrats learn how to fight back against Republican fear mongering and thereby win the culture wars by actually persuading voters.”

Poor ol’ Joe, everything went downhill after that post.

Here are some comments from folks online:

“Maybe you should log off Twitter and go look for a job, so your poor wife doesn’t have to pay all the bills.”

“Imagine being Joe Walsh and actually thinking you are relevant.”

“Do whatever you want, no one cares what you do. Maybe you could get a gig as a Ring Announcer in the WWE. That’s all a show that you’d appreciate, fake and predictable Get outta here”

“When weren’t you a democrat, Joe?”

“Hilarious watching the guy who spent his career fighting against big government, now joining the biggest government ever” 

“This loser will do and say just about anything for a buck” 

The best gift Trump gave us was making all these losers admit that they’re actually democrats” 

“Dont go away mad, just go away, you loser.”

“Appropriate you’d back the party of the new VA tiki torch brigade, musket-man” 

“Joe Walsh is a communist.”

“why does this coward still call himself a conservative?”

“You’ve sucked at everything politically thus far, piss off ya useless windbag”

“You were always a democrat, you fat crook” 

“Lol Someone thinks highly of themselves & their abilities. Sticks his finger in the air to see where and how to pander. Joe Walsh: The Hero They Need.”

“Wait. you aren’t a democrat?”

“Raise your hand if you don’t give a single shit if Joe becomes a Democrat. “

“Tell me you fantasize about being Keith Olbermann without telling me you fantasize about being Keith Olbermann.”

“Maybe you could join the Lincoln Project with the rest of the fat, unemployed pervs?”

Clearly, Joe Walsh overestimates his “political worth.”


But my guess is after the historically humiliating losses Dems suffered on Tuesday, they may be desperate enough to take this useless grifter up on his offer.

It really is truly amazing how badly Trump broke these people, isn’t it?

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