Richard Grenell Found Video Proof of Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak's Blatant Hypocrisy, and Blasts it All Over Twitter 

I’ll tell you one person who you don’t want to get on the wrong side of…former Spy Chief Richard Grenell.

This man will slice and dice you 300 ways from Sunday…and he does it with such finesse and ease, it’s kind of like an art form at this point.

Remember when he recently brutally scolded the media?

This is a video for the ages!

Mr. Grenell doesn’t hold back, and like Trump, he’s razor-sharp but totally relatable and he “gets it.”

I love this video below. It’s people lined up along all along the streets waiting to see President Trump, and as Richard points out, the media just sits around “counting masks.”  Richard correctly points. out that the media doesn’t even realize how irrelevant they’ve become.

He’s right…we’re witnessing a “crisis in journalism” and the people who are in desperate crisis don’t even realize it.

But it’s not just the media. It’s the entire left-wing in this country.

They’re all so stricken with Stage 5 TDS, that they’ve lost all common sense, reason, and critical thinking.

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Just look at the Democrat governor in Nevada. Steve Sisolak is crushing Las Vegas with his absurd COVID lockdowns…and recently, when President Trump was in the state to hold a couple of rallies, Governor Sisolak blasted him as “irresponsible, and dangerous” for holding a rally indoors.

Sisolak focuses all of his political anger on Trump and his supporters, using COVID and masks as his weapon.

And that’s where Richard Grenell stepped in.

Richard shared a recent video of tourists on the Las Vegas Strip lining the sidewalks, most not wearing masks.


Mr. Grenell wants to know why the Strip is filled with thousands of “maskless people” but Sisolak is only focused on attacking Trump and his supporters.

Gee, that’s a GREAT question!

You can watch the video below:

The good news is, since President Trump exposed the “fake news” media, they couldn’t help but further destroy themselves, so their narrative and agenda are weakened, almost to the point of complete and total irrelevance.

And that hurts the Dems, because people like Sisolak, who use the media to amplify their biased political message, don’t get nearly as much traction.

And thanks to social media (which we all have a love/hate relationship with) people like Richard Grenell can expose the truth behind their lies and call them out for the hypocrites and shills that they are.



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