Richard Grenell Just Thought Of Yet Another Horrific Issue From This Tech Censorship

Is our government so blinded by TDS that they’re willing to heave our foreign policy into the trashcan?


That’s what it looks like.

This unprecedented “Big Tech” crackdown on free speech and so-called “wrong-think” is a stain on our Republic in so many ways – almost too many to list – but former spy chief Richard Grenell just came up with another huge and very dangerous stain, and it seems so obvious, how could nobody else have realized it?

Or did they, and they just don’t care?

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In a mega-viral tweet to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Grenell said this: “Hey @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris, Good Luck telling other countries they can’t silence, censor or shut down their political opponents. This is a crisis for the American brand and you are celebrating the (temporary) power that comes with it.”

How on earth can we as a nation ever look another country in the eye and condemn them for “silencing” their people?

We’ve completely lost the “high ground” on this issue.

Nobody on earth will ever take us seriously again when we try and promote “freedom and free speech” thanks to these communist measures put into effect due to Stage 5 Trump Derangement Syndrome and a vulgar and brazen power grab.


And don’t get me started on the so-called “election” we had…that’s another stain of monumental proportions we’ll never live down.

Our country will never be the same.

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