Richard Grenell Makes a Dire Prediction on Social Media’s Future

Clearly, social media has completely gone off the rails.

They’re using every last bit of power to censor free speech and interfere with this election.


It’s absolutely sickening.

But surely, there will be some type of repercussions for these actions and Richard Grenell has predicted the sad future these companies will maybe face.

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Users on Twitter overwhelmingly agreed with this prediction and added some hilarious/true statements on the matter as well:

“Trump and congress should make a bill and turn Twitter and Facebook into a Utility…..”

“Jail the big tech CEOs”

“They need to be deplatformed and sued!”

“Is that where their fact finders come from? Facebook’s too?”

“Oh crap. Best Tweet!! Like the back pages of Craigslist personals.”

“Frustrating to see big tech companies arrogantly acting like they are “untouchable”. Something needs to be done about this mindset.”

“I hope so! They are the most corrupt platform ever. They lie and deceive us all.”

“Absolutely correct! Their protections are about to go away and the shareholders will be thrilled at the liability. Same for FB.”

These gigantic social media platforms made a serious mistake pulling a move like this.

They’re going to end up like the next MySpace.

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