Rioters Who Hurled a Chlorine Bomb at a Cop, Nearly Killing Him, Receive Gentle "Tap on the Wrist" From Local Judge

What’s the point of rounding up these communist terrorists if these state judges are just going to softly slap them on the wrist and then release them back onto the streets?

That’s what happened to 4 societal misfits who ambushed a Colorado police officer and tried to kill him with a chlorine bomb…and nearly succeeded.

A plastic bottle was thrown and landed near a police officer in Colorado. The bottle began releasing heavy chlorine gas. The officer overheard someone swearing at him, and he then became nauseated, lost consciousness, and fell to the ground.

There were at least seven other explosive devices that were detonated in that area. It was so bad that a “Code Red” was issued for a one-mile radius in Arvada, Colorado.

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The officer suffered such serious pulmonary damage from the terror attack, that he had to spend months going to medical appointments. He also missed a lot of work, and to this day, he suffers from the effects of the chlorine gas bomb.

“These men set up an ambush for police. When the first Arvada officer arrived to clear away the road hazard, he was a fixed target for their toxic chemical bombs,” 1st Judicial District Attorney Pete Weir said in a statement.

“These young men purchased the chemicals and plastic bottles at Walmart, mixed the bombs, and then set up their targets for ambush. The impact on the law enforcement community has been enormous.”

And what did these terrorists get?

A gentle tap on the wrist from a local judge.

From Patch

Four men have now been sentenced for throwing a chlorine bomb at an Arvada police officer. Three of the men were sentenced Thursday, and one was sentenced earlier.
Gavin Beret Dawson, 20; Maxwell Cade McCann, 20; and Braiden John Ulmer, 20, pleaded guilty May 18 to attempted second-degree assault of a peace officer – toxic caustic device, the 1st Judicial District Attorney’s Office said. Each defendant received two years of probation. McCann and Dawson were each given 60 days in an alternative sentencing program, and Ulmer received 30 days in the program. Isaac Carl Koch, 20, pleaded guilty in Dec. 9 to conspiracy to possess an explosive/incendiary device, and he was granted a two-year deferred judgement for his sentence.

On April 6, 2019, Arvada police received a call from someone around midnight about a road hazard at 68th Avenue and Beech Street. The officer arrived and saw that street signs had been pulled out of the ground and stacked in the middle of the road, and plastic wrap had been strung across the road, the DA’s office said.

What kind of message does this send to these terrorists and others out there who aspire to kill police officers?

You can attempt to kill a police officer and plant bombs all over town, and all you get is “probation” and 30 days in a “wilderness boot camp”? Are you kidding me?

This officer’s life will never be the same now because he was yet another victim of domestic Democrat terrorism.


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