RNC 2020: Cotton to Hit Biden on China

When Tom Cotton addresses the Republican National Convention this evening, he will focus on an issue barely mentioned at the Democratic National Convention: China. 

A large part of his speech focuses on the growing threat from China and Vice-President Biden’s nearly-50 year record of bad judgment when it comes to China,” says a source familiar with Cotton’s remarks.

In March of this year, the Arkansas senator published an article at National Review titled “Joe Biden Is China’s Choice for President.” Cotton has strongly criticized Biden for supporting trade deals with the Communist regime and also for suggesting that the travel restrictions imposed by the Trump administration on China on January 31 were based on “hysterical xenophobia.”

Cotton, a longtime China hawk, was one of the first and loudest voices to warn that the Communist regime was covering up the seriousness of the coronavirus, and he pushed the president to enact a full travel ban, a policy more stringent than what the administration implemented.

Cotton’s speech will also focus on the Obama–Biden administration’s “failure to eliminate ISIS” and Biden’s “work strengthening the Iranian regime,” says the source. Cotton and Biden tangled over the Iran nuclear deal in 2015, and the Arkansas senator has been fond of quoting former defense secretary Robert Gates’s assessment that Biden has been “wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.”

Cotton, a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, will say this evening, according to remarks prepared for delivery: “No one who’s seen the face of war desires to see it again.  Too many of our fellow Americans are already honored at the hallowed grounds of Arlington.”

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